About us

by drunk_admin

The Drunk Adventurers are us, Dupsy and Pipo. Out of the fact that we’re both picky eaters, we grew the desire to dine out less and whip up our own meals more. It is the mix in your life that keeps you happy so while you can enjoy the hunt for the best Dim Sum or trying to score down the authentic Mexican restaurant within a hundred kilometers, being able to turn the best raw ingredients you can get your hands on into the dish of your desires serves to biggest goal.

Searching through the vegetables at the supermarket to find the perfect avocado, focusing on the locally farmed meats or pairing the exactly right wine. We love to try everything and everywhere. When traveling it’s the hunt for the local cuisine, not shying away from obscure dishes or ordering the I-have-no-idea-what-that-says mystery meal.

While many food blogs out there will focus on vegetarian food or show you a bazillian variants of cakes, we want the whole world. Any meat, any vegetable, we long to delve into the variety and unlimited flavors out there in the world. So enjoy the ride with us, from breakfast to dinner, from simple fish fingers to multi course menus, from the fruit smoothie to the classic cocktail, from potato to caviar.

You can follow our adventures here on our website, on our Facebook page or our Instagram channel. Wondering who is who on the Instagram story? Fret not, it is Dupsy with the orange highlighted texts and Pipo rolls with the blue backgrounds.


Modupe is the creative one of the couple. She is married to her Pinterest account and always on the lookout for a new recipe to try. She’s responsible for finding ways to turn anything into a mason jar filling and keeping diets from going depressing. Her newest challenge is to get into baking, it’s not like those desserts will make themselves!

Originating from Ghana, Dupsy tries to make the world a better place, studying Development Studies in Geneva. Make her president and the world will be a very orange place with complimentary pugs for everyone. With that kind of income she would probably also make Baileys the best financed liqueur brand in the world, seeing how she has a catnip like addiction to the sticky juice.

She’s a traveller at heart and missed her calling to be a travel agent. She picks the best boutique hotels, the cheapest flights and makes the best travel itinaries so filled with options that they are literally exceeding all eventuallities.


While his actual name is Philipp, he’s being called everything from Felipe (porque a veces estamos hablando español) to his secret agent indentity Pipso Calypso (don’t be excited, he only feels commanded by ice cream). So we shall settle for Pipo.

Pipo is functioning as the techy of our dream team, not that he had a choice having a degree in business informatics before venturing into marketing. Besides taking care of photography, videography and everything internety he keeps the cocktails flowing; just put him next to your bar cabinet and watch him become the captain of this booze cruise.

In contrast to this habit of pairing foods with the right drinks, he’s actually a fitness buff in struggle. Philipp went from chubby over fit to forever struggling to get humongously big. He’s into dietary theory and weight lifting while missing those abs that only make an appearance for summer vacations.

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