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The Lumumba is a cocktail that just seems to not be popular and I have a slight idea why that might be. Have you been to a German Christmas market and tried Lumumba there? F#cking yuck! You’ve just been introduced to diabetes in a mug and you didn’t even enjoy it because the ingredients were probably optimized towards revenue instead of harmony. Cheap chocolate milk, white rum that would only qualify as a disinfectant and thick whipped creme on top – and because that’s not disgusting enough – served warm. A thousand calories, no satisfaction.


I hereby declare the war on shitty Lumumba! We will disembark on a journey to discover how to make a Lumumba that will give honour to Patrice Lumumba’s name.  Actually this journey will be more like a really short trip, envision going to the airport but forgetting your passport for scale.

The main point: quality ingredients!

We will start out with a proper, aged rum. Opt for something solid like a Ron Zacapa 23 or Barceló Imperial. You will be able to taste the spirit out in this cocktail as there’s no complex masking of flavors so every buck you cut from the liquor will detract from the result,

Top this up with cold chocolate milk. There are some premixed brands that have a really good cocoa flavor and are not too sweet. Just as when pairing spirits with chocolate, you have to use the same mindset for the combination. You want a natural and strong flavor, not too sugary. There are of course also high quality cocoa powders that you can mix yourself. This obviously has the advantage that you can play with the proportions and adjust the amount of powder you use to the exact strength your prefer.

Basically you just add your chocolate milk over the rum and ice cubes and stir it well.

Last but not least comes decoration. One option is to coat the glass with some thick chocolate sauce stripes before putting all the other ingredients in but I find that to overpower the general flavor profile.

Instead of the common topping made of whipped creme I would suggest a light crown of foamed up condensed milk, just as you would do for a White Russian. It will blend into the flavor and texture of the cocktail way better than the thicker creme, after all we’re having a cocktail to enjoy and not a milkshake as a dessert. Sprinkle some cocoa powder on top and enjoy!



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  • 5 cl aged rum
  • 250 ml cold milk
  • Cocoa powder
  • 2 portions condensed milk


Mix the chocolate milk by stirring cocoa powder into the milk or directly purchasing chocolate milk. Chill it well.

Add the ice cubes into a highball glass (or anything, really).

Pour the rum over the ice.

Pour the chocolate milk into the glass and stir.

Put the condensed milk into a cocktail shaker, add some ice cubes and shake it until it gets foamy.

Carefully layer the milk foam on top of the cocktail and sprinkle some cocoa powder over it.

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