Gurnard with potatoes

by Pipo

Fish. For Dupsy it is the most delicious food in the world and she loves nearly every type. Fish. For Pipo it is just zee horror! Fish fingers, canned tuna and caviar, that’s all the fish he needs in his life.

Admittedly, you can cook some rather good things with fish but they usually involve some nice filet, free of bones, with a nice sauce to go along with it. For Dupe the best fish is a whole one, including its head and tail. No gold digger will produce from the earth what amounts of edible stuff Dupsy produces from a fish’s head.

Every once in a while there is this kind of rough day or even week that demands a treat. Therefore every once in a while I, Pipo, score the supermarket for the nicest fresh fish they can offer to make some surprise dinner for Modupe. This time there were some handsome gurnards on offer.

I kinda like how gurnard looks, with its odd body but beautiful color. They are less stereotype fishy than seabreams or trouts and exhibit a bit more character with their reddish color and the pseudo-leg chest fins. The meat is tasting well enough, actually rather really good (for fish, that is) but they are a real hassle to eat.

Gurnards are on the bony side with a lot of fish bones that demand careful removal. I think you either genuinely enjoy the process or loathe it and wish for a fish filet instead. If you are the former type of fish fan, gurnard is exactly your thing!

You have a lot of choices for side dishes but I’m a big believer in potatoes, so let’s bake them with a nice white wine sauce, suffer through the fishyness and enjoy the flavor!

Gurnard with potatoes

Gurnard with potatoes

Gurnard with potatoes Print This
Serves: 2
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2 big onions
500g potatoes
1 big bell pepper
2 gurnards
Dried chilis
4 garlic cloves
Whole grain Dijon mustard
150 ml olive oil
350 ml white wine
Butter, olive oil or something else to rub the pan


Cut the onions, potatoes and bell pepper into roughly 3 to 5 mm thick slices.

Rub a baking pan with some butter or olive oil before layering the onions, potatoes and bell pepper evenly into it.

You can spread some ground up dried chili to taste within the pan depending on how spicy you want the potatoes to be.

Mix 150 ml olive oil with 350 ml dry white wine and season with some black pepper and salt. Press the garlic into the mixture.

Pour the liquid over the layered vegetables.

Fill the gurnards after removing their scales with some mustard and rosemary twigs. You can rub its skin with some olive oil and put pepper and salt on it. If you like it spicy, add dried or fresh chili into the fish in addition. Cut the fish’s skin a few times on each side.

Bake the potatoes at 200°C in the preheated oven for 15 minutes before mixing them through and baking for further 15 minutes.

Add the fish on top and let it bake for roughly 30 minutes, depending on the size of the fish until everything is done.

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