The Margarita – Go classic or go home!

by Pipo

Ok. I got it. Half our Mexican food is totally made up somewhere in the USA and has nothing to do with what people in Mexico actually eat. But you know what’s the real deal? Ok it’s the Paloma but that’s not what I mean. Yes, sure, Tequila, we’re getting there. I’m talking Margaritas, which probably again aren’t from Mexico but who will judge them for it?! Like most cocktails it’s not exactly proven how they originated but I think we should be thankful we have them at all.

If you just were like “Oh yes, Frozen Strawberry Margarita!” then run, we’re after you and you’ll get spanked. The Margarita is the Sidecar for the beach, so to say, as you lose the Cognac in favor of Tequila and swap the lemon for lime.

The Margarita – Go classic or go home!


The Margarita – Go classic or go home! Print This
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2 parts Tequila
1 part Triple Sec
1 part Lime juice


All goes into the shaker together and gets shaken well.

Strain it into a chilled champagne coup or cocktail glass. Don’t serve on ice as it would water down the cocktail and destroy the flavor.


You can salt rim the glass or not, the cocktail works both ways just as well.

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