Baden style cherry pie

by Pipo

As you might know, people in Germany (like people from most countries) are very bound to local varying traditions. We don’t joke about these! Potato salad for example has to be made with broth, if you use mayonnaise it’s not different, it’s wrong.

Today I’ll share one of these recipes with you. It’s completely out of our comfort zone as it’s something to bake so you might not be surprised that this recipe is actually borrowed from Pipo’s mom. We’ll go through the notions on how to make a cherry pie liek it’s made in Baden, a “Kirschenplotzer”, or as we actually call it in the local dialect Allemanisch: Chirsiplotzer.

Baden style cherry pie


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150g butter
180g sugar
180g zwieback
150gr hazelnuts
6 to 8 eggs
250ml red wine
3 tablespoons cherry brandy
1 tea spoon ground up lemon peel
1 knife tip cinnamon
500g fresh cherries


You start out by putting the zwieback into a bowl and soaking it in the wine and cherry brandy (left over wine may be drunken during baking of course). While they soak you separate the egg yolks and whites, keep both!

Mix the butter, sugar and egg yolks and whip them until they foam. Use a food processor or you’ll whip until cherry season is already over. Once it’s foamy, you add the soggy zwieback, the lemon peel, cinnamon and the ground hazelnuts while keeping mixing.

Beat the egg whites and add them together with the cherries into the dough. We’d suggest to pit the cherries beforehand, it makes for more relaxed eating than spitting out the cherry pits every 15 seconds.

Finally put the dough into a cake pan and bake it 1 hour at 170°C in the pre-heated oven.

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