#DupsyPipo – The Drunk Adventurers VLOG Episode 1

by Pipo

I know, I know, we have been lazy. We are not going to make up any excuses as we didn’t take proper care of you. Over the last months we did not keep up with social media the way we anticipated, resulting in neither really posting regularly nor consistent content. We missed answering to comments and DMs took days for us to get back to. We are sorry, we were bad virtual imaginary friends.

To get our return to the ‘gram kicked off, we start out by doing something we have actually been asked to by some followers since a while:


We are excited to bring you the first episode of the #DupsyPipo – Drunk Adventurers VLOG. We start out with a quick round of questions & answers to stuff we have been asked about within the 3 years of our being together.

Covered in this episode are the topics:

  • What are our names?
  • Where are we from?
  • Why did we start Drunk Adventurers?
  • Our favorite food
  • Favorite liquors
  • Introvert vs extrovert
  • Are we optimists or pessimists?
  • The one meal for the rest of our lives
  • Aperitif or digestif, if you have to decide?
  • Will we finally start not forgetting to post?

So get watching and don’t forget to follow us on YouTube for new videos every once in a while as well as Instagram for regular updates! We promise this won’t be a once-a-year thing!

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