Japanese Whisky Smash

by Pipo

Summer this year is out of bounds, whatever you want to drink better cool you down. I have to admit that we have been really laying off the straight booze, both because I was dieting (once again) as well as opting for cocktails.

But just because you’re sweating out the juices quicker than you can refill on water doesn’t mean you have to forego the good stuff. Behold, whisky it shall be once more!

We’ll not just settle for throwing a few ice cubes into a glass of single malt but we will tart it up a bit. Time to queue that snob face when looking at the Aperol Spritz peasants. The classic whisky smash is roughly a whisky sour with mint.

You just add the sugar syrup, lemon and mint into a shaker or tumbler glass and muddle away to your heart’s desire. There are different ways how to combine ingredients for muddling, also if you muddle the lemon or just squeeze the juice into it so you have a lot of options to experiment.

In the end you follow up with adding the whisky. If you did it directly in a tumbler you can now fill it up with crushed ice, if you opted for the shaker you will want to shake it with a good amount of ice before straining it into a crushed ice filled glass.

For decoration, slap a mint sprig between your hands and add it to the glass.

Japanese Whisky Smash

Japanese Whisky Smash

Japanese Whisky Smash Print This
Serves: 1 Prep Time:
Rating: 5.0/5
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Half a lemon
8ish mint leaves
3 cl sugar syrup
6 cl Japanese whisky


Add the sugar syrup, mint leaves and the lemon in pieces or juiced into a glass or shaker

Muddle properly

Add the whisky

(If you use the shaker, add ice and shake)

Fill into a tumbler full of crushed ice


For decoration, slap a mint sprig and add it to the glass

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