A clean slate

by Pipo

We are back with a promise:


New content on Instagram every Thursday and Sunday

Some of you might have noticed that we haven’t been consistent lately. Lost in our every day activities, from being distracted by successes to being absorbed in struggles, we neglected Drunk Adventurers.

Like many people we had set out on social media with a lot of motivation but no definitive concept behind. When do we post? What do we post? What’s the look and feel? The result was probably obvious to you. We changed visual style of our Instagram posts every few months while posting very irregularly. One week we might post three pictures, then nothing for a month. And don’t get me started on our website where we lost sight of updating the recipes and stuff for multiple months at a time, never overcoming our backlog.

We have invested some time into really questioning where Drunk Adventurers shall go in the future, also due to some pressure because we finally had to look into topics such as EU GDPR or legal boundaries for mentioning (promoting?) the brands we like to use in our posts.

“Experience is one thing you can’t get for nothing.”

Oscar Wilde

As you might have seen, we deleted all our existing content from Instagram, YouTube and our website. We want to start from an empty page with our new ideas and our vision for Drunk Adventurers. For the future we can promise you regular content that will be more interesting (not that watching us grill & drink on InstaStory isn’t super interesting), a lot more diverse and in depth.

So stay tuned and have an eye on our Instagram over the coming weeks, it will be worth it!

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